Sunday, March 6, 2011


Hey friends, I told you yesterday that I didn't really take any outfit pictures this week. However, I wanted to wear this twirly skirt, you know, because I was in the mood. I felt like a ballerina all day. Unfortunately, the only picture I have of me wearing it is while I'm holding a huge Bess Beetle.  We received these the other day for science. As gross as they look, they are actually pretty cool and BIG!

In retrospect, I think this outfit looks too costumey, but whatever. Next time. I've been having a lot of those moments this week. As in "next time" I will do this to make it better.


  1. Moe I need a new post! I've read 10 times about BUGS! Also, I'm actually staying at the Casa Del Mar, that hotel that is advertised below this post. WEIRDDD. go huskies!

  2. from what i can see, it's not costumey, it's adorable!! but the bugs freak me out lol. i do love that purple skirt!