Thursday, January 5, 2012

Growing Mold--Is this really my life?

I guess today I just want to share with you what I plan to do. Today, my 4th graders will begin to grow mold on bread in my classroom. Before school, I will be busy setting up stations of bread, zip lock bags, pipettes and water. I guess I am writing this post to share with all my friends in the corporate world. While you wear your business suits and travel in to "the city" (whatever city that may be) and tackle the business of the day, I am in suburbia teaching students about life cycles. The purpose of the this lesson is to show students that nothing goes waste in the natural environment. We are learning about producers and consumers and scavengers and decomposers. By setting up the experiment, students will have to work in partners, follow directions and use their observational skills. They will also need to make a hypothesis about while bread will grow mold the fastest--the one at room temperature, one in the refrigerator or one in the sun. I'll let you know how it goes.

 While yesterday I was blogging about my dating life, today I wanted to let you know about my professional life. Sometimes I sit and wonder, is this really my life? Yes! Yes it is!

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