Sunday, September 12, 2010

A New Beginning

As a teacher, each September, I get the chance to start over again. This year, I was excited to be in a new school, teaching 3rd grade (one of my favorite grades), and working with on a great team. As much as I wanted to dress for fall with layers and fabulous fall colors, it was just too hot to do so. The first day of school was a sweltering 85 degrees. My fall wardrobe would just have to wait a few more weeks. I had been tired of my summer dresses that I had already worn a number of times. I looked over my "teacher clothes." I decided on this dress bought last year from Anthropologie and my fabulous new oxfords. I usually layer this dress throughout the winter but it stands alone perfectly for a warm day. I thought the outfit screamed "First Day of School, as a teacher". 

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  1. I love the new blog (and the shoes! what are they size 5?) miss you little one :)