Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We'll Always Have Paris

This is what I call 'lazy day' dressing. My feet were still killing me from the concert the other night so I needed to wear something comfortable on my feet. (Now I know, Michael Kors always says that 'comfortable' is not a word that should not be in a fashionista's vocabulary but my feet were in real pain so I thought he would excuse me). I decided that my Sperry's were the most school appropriate. This skirt is my go-to skirt when I am lazy. I don't need to think about it and I know that everything will match it. So what are your thoughts on my lazy day outfit? Can I still be called a fashionista?

Many people have been asking me, "Do your clothes and style work for other body types?" And here is my response. My style may look good on other body types, no doubt. I tend to wear skirts, dresses, and cardigans which anyone can wear. But my advice to you, is to own your style. Make it your own. I tend to cut clothes, colors, and jewelry out of magazines to create and "inspiration book." Its easier for me to see colors and styles that work well together.  As long as you feel confident, you will carry yourself well and be a fashionista. OWN IT BABY! Hope that helps. Leave me comments with anything else you would like me to answer.

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