Friday, November 5, 2010

30 for 30

Hey Friends,

On Monday, I will be joining Kendi Everyday in her 30 for 30 challenge. What is that you ask? I take 30 articles of clothing and make 30 different outfits. (And no shopping for 30 days, eek!) Shoes do count however accessories and jackets do not count. I'm hoping it will help me better shop by closet and become more creative. My bank account could also use the break.

On Sunday, I will post the 30 articles of clothing that I chose to remix. Remember, these clothes need to take me to work and to play. Let's cross our fingers and hope it works! Woop Woop! Who wants to try this with me? Any takers??



    no thank you! but good luck!!

  2. Also - what's the status with underwear and exercise attire? Do these count in the thirty?

    Also--how many times in the month are you allowed to wash your clothes?

  3. Underwear and work out clothes do no count. (Well at least I am not counting them) And personally, I wash my clothes at least once a week. I think that's a personal thing , Alyson.