Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sorry for the Delay

Hello friends,

I am writing to apologize for not posting my outfits in a timely manner. My camera had been MIA for a few days. (Now found!!) On top of that, lately, I have been leaving work feeling defeated. Not in a fashionable that sense, I've been on top of my game. But my class has been sucking the life out of me. Working smack dab in the inner city is more challenging than I ever thought. I have had to motivate myself daily to go to work.

Also, sorry for getting personal in this blog post. I just needed an outlet. My daily outfits will be back soon. Don't worry, I have no cheated from the remix. However, last night, I totally almost cheated. I wanted to feel hott and sexy and go into the city. I felt that my clothes I chose for the remix were more school appropriate than weekend appropriate. But, alas, I did not cheat. I kept to my word, per usual.

Until next post,
Moe Money


  1. i'm sorry you feel defeated! don't let it bring you down. those kids are lucky to have you FFF!!!

  2. I totally support venting!!! And I second . . you are clearly awesome :)