Thursday, January 6, 2011

Monograms, Pearls and Curls

I felt very collegiate/house wife today. I am in love with my monogrammed sweater. It was a birthday present this year and since then, I just want everything monogrammed. One of my colleagues mentioned that when I get married, I will need to buy new stuff. I tried telling her that I wasn't getting married anytime soon but when I do, that's what I expect from her. :o) Until that day when I marry Mr.Slightly-Overweight-Ex-Athlete (no joke, this is my ideal man), I will embrace my MLK monogram. 

I know what you are wondering, "Maureen, did you really wear an apron to school today?!" Nooo, of course I didn't. That would just be silly. When I arrived home today, I realized that I didn't take a picture this morning. On Thursdays, I cook dinner while the rest of the my family works after-school program. (yes, everyone in my family are teachers). Since I was already in cooking mode and wearing a cute apron, I took the picture with my apron. 

What do you think of my cooking style? 

Santini decided to make her blog debut 

As I am yelling at the cat not to knock down my camera

Skirt: LLBean
Tights: Target
Long Sleeve: LOFT 
Cardigan: JCrew 


  1. I also wanted to point out that hey- you never know. The man of your dreams might just be another L!

  2. Very true alyson but I hope I at least move up in the alphabet when I marry!

  3. Don't we all!! I always had to present last in elementary school. (Side note: Why is alphabetical order favored by so many teachers?)

    Anyway, by the time it was finally my turn to go up in front of the class, my pits were sweaty and my stomach was in knots. I'm going to see to it that no child of mine will ever have to go through that kind of pain and suffering!

  4. LOVE the apron! I have the same one :)