Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Updated School Uniform

Today I feel like I'm wearing an updated version of my high school uniform. While during the warm months, we had to wear our plaid skirts, once winter came, we were allowed to make the switch to khakis. I still hated pants, so I usually rocked the skirt all year.

My outfit today totally reminded me of what I might have looked like in high school if I went to school with boys. I hate to ruin the fantasy of Catholic school girls, but we were lucky if we washed our hair on a regular basis. (This may have been an over share).

I was feeling the high school vibe so I even wore a bow in my hair today! Such a co-ed move!

Turtleneck: Borrowed from Mom
Pants: JCrew
Necklace: JCrew (gift from Rayna)
Boots: Ralph Lauren

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