Monday, January 17, 2011

You're such an Indian Head

Such a good girls weekend! We stayed at Indian Head in Lincoln, NH. It's a fun place to stay. It's very New Hampshire-y and while there is no more man in the mountain, there is the indian head. (Picture below).

We decided to ski only one day due to the fact that it was -1 degree at the base of the mountain today. It was chilly yesterday but we still managed to shred some pow pow. The visibility at the top of the mountain was rough. We could barely see the chair in front of us! I finally got a chance to wear my ski sweater that I borrowed from my dad. It was a big hit.

Patty Stanger (from Millionaire Matchmaker) said that a ski place is the top spot to meet single men. I would like to report that I did not find any single young men. I guess I will have to keep searching and keep skiing another week.

The sad news of the night was that our beloved New England Patriots lost.
The famous Indian Head

Low Visibilty 

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