Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loving My Curly Locks

I don't know how you straight hair-ed mama cats do it! I straightened my hair the other day. I never realized how much you have to worry about. I had to brush it a million times and it was constantly tangly. And then the static! Ah! The static was the worst! I usually don't straighten my hair (because I think I look like an alien) but the other day my hair was soooo poufy, that it was the only solution I had.

Today I am thanking God for my curly locks. I just throw some spray in there when it's wet, scrunch it up, and diffuse it. I rarely brush it and there is no static. I always thought I wanted straight hair. In college I would often straighten it before I went out. By the time graduation rolled around, I had learned to embrace it. I just need to learn to take it because it can take on a life of its own. My motto, shake what ya got!

Shirt: Victoria's Secret
Jeans: LOFT 
Shoes: DSW 
Necklace: LOFT

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