Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ready for Football?

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Since my beloved Patriots are not playing in the Super Bowl, I'm more excited about Glee afterwards. I am not doing anything wild and crazy. My father is making delicious wings which is something to be pumped about.

I wore this while running errands and getting ready for my week ahead. It is number 5 in my 30 for 30 remixing. Yesterday I went skiing, so I didn't wear any of my remix-ed clothes. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that we finally have a full week. Also notice that the picture are taken outside! Yay! It was 35 degrees out today but it felt like a heat wave.

Shirt: LOFT 
Cardigan: JCrew
Jeans: Express
Boots: H&M

What are you doing for the Super Bowl? Are you cooking anything good?

1 comment:

  1. I almost forgot about the big Glee episode. That makes a great day even more fun!
    I'm loving the color combo of the cardigan and the shirt.

    The Auspicious Life