Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring is in the Air

The title of my post is a lie. Spring is not in the air, however, I really want it to be spring. It's actually quite frigid in these neck of the woods. I don't hate the snow or the cold weather.

Today when I was getting dressed, I thought this skirt was too short to wear to work to teach third graders. Instead of just trying to find another outfit, I opted to wear leggings underneath the skirt. I did not put the leggings in my remix. But I figured since I wore them as tights and not as pants, that they didn't count toward my remix clothes.

Sidenote--As I write this, I realize that all my pieces for my outfit are from the LOFT. Oops. I usually like to mix it up a little more.

Shirt: LOFT 
Cardigan: LOFT 
Skirt: LOFT 
Leggings: Vera Wang for Kohl's 
Boots: Sporto


  1. I like!! (though I could never pull off those boots :) )

  2. Cute outfit! Spring needs to be in the air!